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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Craftin'

I have been thinking all week about what to make for Valentine's gifts. We made some adorable marshmallow lollipops for Maleah's class at school. I got the idea from So easy and so cute! Well, now that that's overwith, I moved on to the gifts for those within the family. I hijacked this little idea from Maleah's school. The kids made them with a picture of them on the top and bottom of themselves as an "I" and a "U". In the middle, they used 2 leftover little candy canes glued on to look like a heart. I didn't have any leftovers, or someone to take my picture, so here's what I came up with. Now, since my kids don't frequent my blog, I can show you what I made for them. For the little cupcake, who won't wear anything else, I figured we should start accessorizing!
So this is for Ella. She can carry around her Barbie drink and goldfish in it.

As for Maleah, it was a tough call. What do you give to a girl with everything? Well, I decided to get ready for spring. We've already experienced lots of spring like weather, so yes, it's time for...

FLIP FLOPS! And you know I had to put bows on them!

Greg is getting a store bought gift. He doesn't seem to appreciate the bows and such, go figure.
So much love to you, Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hearts and cupcakes

The other day I decided to try and make so big gawdy bows for the girls for Valentines Day. I have seen these big bows in all of the instructions that I have for bow making, but never made one quite so big! I am excited about how they turned out and Ella asked to wear hers yesterday! Maleah's is gigantic! If you need a bow for your little sweetie, let me know, I'll whip one up!


I have been making more things for the girls! First of all, since Ella loves her little cupcake outfit so much, I had to make her a second. Then I went looking for more fabric and decided to make this little dress for her. I think it came out cute and now she rotates between 3 outfits!

I Spy a monkey!

Each year at Maleah's school, instead of selling candy or wrapping paper, they have an evening fundraiser. It involves dinner, a silent auction, a live auction, various items for sale and a quilt raffle. Last year, my mom made the quilt and donated it for the auction. She volunteered right away to do the quilt for this year also. While at the quilt festival in November, we got an idea! We saw a quilt called "I Spy". It had several octagons on it and they were all different. Embroidered all around was "I Spy...a cat, a dog, a bird," etc. I thought it would be perfect! So...a few weeks ago, I started going through my fabric stash and came up with about 1/3 of the squares we needed. (we decided to follow another pattern and do squares, 250 of them!) Then Mom came through with the rest. I found a few more pieces of fabric hidden away behind everything and that was a nice surprise. Well, Mom's off to AZ tomorrow for 2 weeks and we were bound and determined to get the quilt finished before she left. We laid it all out together, I sewed about 3 rows together, and Mom finished the quilt! I am taking it to the school today, but wanted to post some of the pictures! I think it's awesome. Maleah wants it in a bad way. She kept saying, I'm saving my money, I want that quilt. I had to explain how a raffle works and now she keeps asking if we'll just make one for her!
So if anyone would like to buy a chance, let me know. I will put your name in! Great job Mom!