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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Petunia's first day of school

My little petunia had her first day at preschool and of course, she loved it.  She had a great time there last year and I knew she was ready to go back when she said, "Mom, I want to go see all of my friends!"
They have a summer program where they go for one week in the summer, but it wasn't enough for her!
I guess she is my social butterfly!
Here she is with her new teacher.

She was also excited about taking her new Jesse lunch box.  Now if she'd just eat some of the food I pack in it, we'll be doing good!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of School 2010

It seems as if this year, the first day of school was much more anticipated than last.
Last year, both of my girls went to new schools (for them anyway) and of course, there was a little bit of anxiety.  This year, they were excited!

Thank goodness, my big girl got a great teacher (I heard you couldn't go wrong with the second grade teachers at her school.  Phew!)

She even has one of her very best friends in her class!  Who could ask for more?

Last year, I walked her all the way into her class for two and a half weeks!  This year on the third day, she was ready to jump out of the car and go in by herself!  I am so proud!

Petunia's first day photos still to come!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last days of summer

I've been out of the loop for a while, but I am here to do some catching up!  We tried our best to have a lot of fun before the kids went back to school, and I think we succeeded! 

The weekend before school started, we decided at the last minute to surprise our girls and drive to Dallas.

Can you see the red store?

That's right!  We went to the American Girl store!  It was so fun!

My big girl has been saving her money and having no idea we were going somewhere, came to me with the AG catalog and announced she was buying her baby sister a "girl".

I had ants in my pants because I knew about the trip!  I wondered though, if she would follow through and spend all of her money on her sister!

Well, she stuck to her word.  The hard part was for my little petunia to pick ONE girl.

This is the girl that came home with us.  Each new girl she saw, she said, "This is her.  She's the one I want.  I want this one."  It was so cute.  She was so excited!

A little bit of  "thank you" lovin'.

Of course, we had a fabulous lunch in the bistro!

Then headed home!  The girls slept almost the whole way, both clutching their girls.
I think I had almost as much fun as they did! 

What a great summer!