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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shakin' It

Do you think they'd like fries to go with that shake??
This is Maleah's new dress I've been working on for days. It almost resulted in a bald mother! She says it's her favorite, though...and that makes it all worthwhile!

Have a Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Favorite things

Our sweet Lizzie.
A new pillowcase dress for "Emma". Isn't she cute? :)

Maleah's new outfit. She asked to wear that, but refused to smile for the photo!

Ella loves...the "layered look", her snowman nightgown, and her cupcake skirt. Another favorite thing, her "ballet shoes", translate, Mary Janes, that didn't make it into the picture.



Dances with Daddy.

Yeah, those are all good! I think so anyway, I'm smiling as I type.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

I am not really much for resolutions...but this year I want to try to laugh more, worry less and concentrate more on what's really important.
And feed most of the candy to the alligator. Happy New Year, I wish you many blessings in the year to come.

Just Chillin'

Life is so good.

Even Lizzie thinks so.

Ella's first haircut

It seems to be a bit of a tradition. Maleah had her first haircut at 2 1/2 right after Christmas. Ella was ready and her Auntie Feather was there to oblige!

Uncle Eddie's famous fried stuffed jalepenos! So good, Ya'll! Look out Paula Deen, you got you some competition!

Let the paper fly!

Wow! A new Barbie phone! And a bed for "Emma"!

Mom's heading for Hawaii!

The new bike.

Drums! We will not curse Santa for those drums! I promise!

While visions of sugarplums...

The baby Jesus arrived. The stockings were filled.
Surprises were left under the tree.

And a few that wouldn't fit were left close by!

Christmas Eve

We went to church on Christmas Eve and out for dinner. When we got home, we let each of the girls open one gift. They both chose to open the gifts sent to them by their cousins from the annual drawing. Ella received a new Miss Spider book from Ian and could not have been happier! She loves it!
Maleah opened up some American Girl clothes from Melissa! A dress, nightgown and sleeping bag with pillow. She was so excited and she just knew it wasn't going to be a bunny rabbit like her daddy told her it would be.

And guess what?? Rudolph came by for a visit! What a cute little reindeer!