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Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Auntie Feather!

What's a birthday without cupcakes???? Nope, don't smile, it might hurt!

There's the birthday girl, doesn't she look MAHVELOUS!

A little bling...o.k. a lot of bling. In Texas, you can never have too much! You go sassy sistah!

No, she's not missing a tooth, that's chocolate on her tooth!

Happy Birthday, Heather! We hope you enjoy your special day, you deserve all of the best. Thanks for always being so good to us and keeping us looking so sassy. I am so grateful for such a great sister. Love you!

After our lunch, we were loading the girls up in the car and saying goodbye, when Heather spotted Beth Moore walking into the restaurant! Norma and I went back in and introduced ourselves to her! We got a hug! It was very cool and exciting! She said they were celebrating the birthday of Living Proof Ministries, a good day for birthdays!

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