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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ok, I know it's been a while, but...

We've been busy! Here's the rundown.
We got our toes sandy in Gulf Shores, Alabama. While we were there, we had some fun with swim diapers,

we visited Fort Morgan,

visited with family,

tooks lots of pictures with family,

rested a little,

met a couple of cute new babies! Here's one,

here's another!

We visited with some babes we already knew,

and some little mermaids too!

(Sorry, I didn't know that was going to rhyme, but I'll go with it.)

We had some fun in the ocean,

picked up a few shells,

and we made some cool tye-dyed duds!

But before that, I had another birthday,

Greg and Maleah learned to bowl really well...

on the Wii.

We had a fun visist with Grampa,

with a dance recital at home,

after a big show "for real life!"

So, when I ask myself, "Where did the month of June go?" Here it is, in a blogshell.

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