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Monday, February 9, 2009

Hearts and cupcakes

The other day I decided to try and make so big gawdy bows for the girls for Valentines Day. I have seen these big bows in all of the instructions that I have for bow making, but never made one quite so big! I am excited about how they turned out and Ella asked to wear hers yesterday! Maleah's is gigantic! If you need a bow for your little sweetie, let me know, I'll whip one up!


I have been making more things for the girls! First of all, since Ella loves her little cupcake outfit so much, I had to make her a second. Then I went looking for more fabric and decided to make this little dress for her. I think it came out cute and now she rotates between 3 outfits!

1 comment:

Joshua and Terresa said...

ok I love the cupcake dress!!