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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Craftin'

I have been thinking all week about what to make for Valentine's gifts. We made some adorable marshmallow lollipops for Maleah's class at school. I got the idea from So easy and so cute! Well, now that that's overwith, I moved on to the gifts for those within the family. I hijacked this little idea from Maleah's school. The kids made them with a picture of them on the top and bottom of themselves as an "I" and a "U". In the middle, they used 2 leftover little candy canes glued on to look like a heart. I didn't have any leftovers, or someone to take my picture, so here's what I came up with. Now, since my kids don't frequent my blog, I can show you what I made for them. For the little cupcake, who won't wear anything else, I figured we should start accessorizing!
So this is for Ella. She can carry around her Barbie drink and goldfish in it.

As for Maleah, it was a tough call. What do you give to a girl with everything? Well, I decided to get ready for spring. We've already experienced lots of spring like weather, so yes, it's time for...

FLIP FLOPS! And you know I had to put bows on them!

Greg is getting a store bought gift. He doesn't seem to appreciate the bows and such, go figure.
So much love to you, Happy Valentine's Day!

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E. Angelina said...

love you. good to see the girls smilin' faces