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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Everyone knows Jimmy Buffett

Well, here we are back in reality.  We've made our way home from the Florida Keys and out from under the pile of laundry.  It took me a couple of days, but I think I've pretty much got it together.  Except for the fact that now my back is acting up again!  It seems as if long periods of sitting does it to me, so I blame it on the car ride to the airport and then the flight home.  Lucky for me it didn't happen until we got home!

Our trip was just fabulous!  We stayed in Islamorada, which I had no idea existed before last week.  It is just past Key Largo.  We stayed at the lovely Cheeca Lodge and Spa, which is apparently a favorite spot of George H.W. Bush.  It's funny, everything there is described with it's mile marker.  Cheeca was mile marker 82.  My brother says Key West is mm 0.  That's where we'll head next time.  That's where Jimmy Buffett has a home.  Everyone who had frequented these parts (that we spoke to) had a story about Jimmy.  I'm jealous.  I've loved Jimmy for years. 

Anyway, back to the vacation.  We arrived, checked out our digs and headed for the pool.  I was so doped on Dramamine that I could hardly keep my eyes open.  This was quite obvious when we went to dinner, as I almost fell asleep in my sushi.  I guess it's not wise to mix coconut margaritas and Dramamine.  Take note.

The next morning was great.  My birthday.  We had breakfast brought to the room and then I was off to my surprise spa appointment.  Ahhhh, wonderful.
Then some more pool time.  Then to a great dinner.  We had a beautiful table in the corner with a great view of the ocean.  These were waiting on the table for me.

My husband is so sweet.  He thought of everything.  After dinner, a whole key lime pie (what else?) arrived with fresh strawberries and "Happy Birthday Andrea" swirled around the plate in chocolate!  Oh my gosh it was so so good.

The lover boy and me.
Me and my big girl.
The little petunia enjoying some chocolate ganache.

I know this is getting boring for some of you, so I will just finish up by showing you the bathtub in the room!  We went back after dinner to watch a movie before bedtime and enjoy the cool tub!

The water came down from the ceiling!  This little area was open air.  It was right beside the patio and had the little curtains that closed it in for privacy.  We wanted to wake up and watch the sunrise from here, but we couldn't wake up that early!

I will share some more photos in the days to come!

Goodbye Cheeca, I will miss you!


Andrea said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments at arise 2 write. You are such an encouragement to me. I can not tell you how much I appreciate you!

Christina Lee said...

yeah loved the photos glad it was great (how strange about the water/ceiling)! and happy belated b-day!

Tales from the Trails said...

Looks like your birthday wasn't so bad after all.

Beautiful flowers and key lime pie, YUM!!!

Maggi said...

Wow, best vaca ever! How fun! And your family is beautiful!

Donna said...

Andrew...Thank you so much for the apron!! It is darling! I'm sorry I haven't posted about it yet, but my grandchildren are here and it's been extremely busy. I have the perfect blouse to wear to show it off with. I can't wait to tell the whole world about your wonderful apron and your sweet blog. I'll be posting about it on Friday morning. The grandkids leave tomorrow afternoon, but if I post in the afternoon not many people will see it. :o)

PS. I love Jimmy Buffet too!

Holly said...

What a good hubby! The flowers are beautiful. The bathtub is awesome!

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

Happy belated birthday! What a fabulous birthday surprise from your sweet hubbie. Hope you are feeling better with all the 'lovely' wet weather we've been having.