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Thursday, June 24, 2010

W is for Wonderful Memories

While on our vacation, we got to visit with my younger brother, Stuart who lives in Florida.  He drove down and had some fun times with us.  It was awesome.  Being a part of a big family is so great.
I truly want my children to experience all of the love they can from my siblings, so any chance we get to meet up, even if just for a meal, I jump at it.
Here are some photos of what I feel will be wonderful memories of my girls' Uncle Stuart, eating sushi, trading silly bandz, and being silly!

I am playing along with Jenny for Alpha B Thursday!
Jenny Matlock


Christina Lee said...

aww that's how I feel when we visit our family in Michigan!

Sherrie said...

Great pictures for your kids to see. It will keep their memories alive for years. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff

Ode to Motherhood said...'s always nice to spend time with family. My boys are close to their uncle too.

Glad you made wonderful memories!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Wonderful fun pictures of your visit.

Heather's Place said...

Great pics Andrea! Are you putting any on Shutterfly ? It looks like a great time:)Everybody looks fabulous bebe!

laterg8r said...

i love how happy everyone looks :D

mbkatc230 said...

There is nothing better than getting together with family. Everyone looks like they are having a great time. Our daughter finally got to meet the majority of my 21 first cousins at a wedding a few months ago, and she had a blast. Great choice for W. Kathy

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

It's so much fun to visit family.
Thanks for sharing your cute photos.

Viki said...

It's great for kids to have memories of their family. You family looks like they are having a great time together. Great W post.

Debbie said...

What great photos. It is so nice to make memories with family.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Definitely agree that making wonderful memories with family is soooo important! And what fun memories these photos look filled with :o)

If I could travel any where and any time and if it were possible...I would love to do so with all my family :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Jenny said...

Oh my. Such a heart warming stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "W".

There is nothing like being surrounded by people you love and who love you to put a glow on your face.

Your brother and your children are absolutely glowing with happiness.

That really made me smile.

Your girls are beautiful!

And so was this link!

Thank you for sharing it.


Kristin said...

They look like they're having a blast with their uncle! I am so thankful that my lil' sis lives minutes away. The dude looooooves his Auntie!

Holly said...

Pure happiness in those photos. Sweet memories!

H said...

Family is so important. The more contact your children have, the richer their lives will be :)

Melissa B. said...

We're here at the beach with cousins galore. Family is so important, isn't it?

Melinda Cornish said...

it looks like fun!!!

Lynette said...

You really captured beautiful memories here.