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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I hope I can still walk tomorrow

These are my new tennies.  I got them about a week and a half ago.  I've been wanting to get back into shape again.

I had every intention of getting started last week over Spring Break, but my kids didn't cooperate  I was too lazy.  So I am getting started this week!  I've pretty much always been one to workout.  I used to love walking.  You know power walking, going as fast as I could, almost a jog.  Then for a couple of years I got into running.  My knees can't really handle that and the beating of my feet on the ground had me chanting "why am I doing this, why am I doing this".  So, I stopped.  Then right after I got married, I took some training and started teaching Pilates on a reformer in a gym.  I taught for almost a year and then gave birth to my first daughter.  I never went back. 

When my baby was about 18 months old, I decided to shape it up and lose a few pounds.  I found Fit tv on my cable and discovered Sharon Mann.  I enjoyed her so much that I did two of her workouts a day.  One cardio and one toning.  She wasn't annoying and I saw results.  I kept it up until I got pregnant with my second child.  It's hard to get motivated to exercise when you are puking all the time.  So I fell out of the habit yet again.  After having a C section with my little twirp angel, I was chomping at the bit 6 weeks later to get back into shape, and back into my old clothes.  I worked my patootie off and about 5 months later I was back at my fighting weight.  I was probably in the best shape ever. 

Then, that summer, I got a bad cough.  My back was bothering me and I just was not up to working out.  I stopped working out.  Completely.  Since then (that was in 2007) I have been able to maintain my weight, give or take about 3 lbs, but I have not been able to stay on the fitness train.  I can tell the difference though.  I feel flabby!  It's been on again, off again for the past 2 1/2 years.  I was doing well last fall when I ordered Slim in 6.  I stuck to it for about 4 1/2
weeks.   Then my back started bothering me again.  I think I sometimes have an issue with my hips being out of alignment, but I haven't gone to the Dr for it.

So this morning, I had to get my husband up early for work.  (5 am)  Once his lunch was made and he was gone,  I decided there was no time like the present.  So I got my new tennies on and worked out.  It really is a good workout.  I did see results after 4 weeks last time.  A couple of weeks ago I did one day and overdid it a little and could barely walk to next day.  So, today I took it easy a little and will get more ambitious each day.  I will be 40 in June and I am wanting to rock this bikini I bought 2 years ago and have really not worn. 

find it here

So I am hoping that I can keep it up and maybe I will check in from time to time and let you know if I can move around freely.  Ha!  Sometimes for me, being accountable and having to report in keeps me on track.  If anyone wants to join along, maybe we can have a little group to keep us on track!


Yankee Girl said...

Good luck to you!

I just started a new fitness routine and I am stoked to get back in shape. Please let us know how it is going...I could always use the inspiration!

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Good luck on your journey!! Getting back into shape is hard, but OH so worth it! ;)

Erin said...

Getting started is definitely the hardest part! (Must be why I haven't even been trying!) I wish you well and ask the hubs for a massage if you need it!!

Christina Lee said...

Good Luck!! I am about a month ahead of you so let me know how your faring and I'll do the same!

Anonymous said...

Great...I can relate to the on again, off again...but sounds like you found something you like and will stick to it. I'll be checking back on you. Notice, I didn't invite you to check back on me. Not yet....

Gay Vaughan said...

Go girl! I admire you for taking the first step. You will be toned and ready for that swimsuit in NO time!

Ode to Motherhood said...

Keep it up! I plan on power walking my way back to shape - as soon the weather clears up. LoL It's been raining a few days now but I can't wait to get started!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I always overdo it and then am really still the next day. Today my back is killing me from scootering with my daughter. Emily is trying to teach me how to be a super scooter since last summer I twisted my ankle doing it!!

Maggi said...

Good luck!

I'm trying to get into shape right now myself!

Tales from the Williamson's Trails said...

I was just telling My Cowboy how I would get up and workout before class in college. Now the snooze button is just alot easier.

I would love to jump into a group. Let me know : )

Cybil said...

Woo Hoo Andrea! You go girl! I have been so dedicated to working out in the afternoons (mostly just cardio), but I really need some more toning exercises. I used to do a DVD in the mornings Jari Love Ripped 1000 - Love that workout! I really need to get back into it! You are inspiring me!

Mrsblogalot said...

Good luck Andrea! I keep telling myself that you can't get something finished if you don't get it started but I just don't listen.

jenjen said...

Good job!! I have never heard of that - but I am going to check it out!

I am the same way -- right around the right weight but I feel flabby. I need to work out. I love to go on my trail in the summer but haven't been doing much this winter!

Keep it up!


Andrea said...

AWESOME...glad you are still putting one foot in front of the other!

Heidi said...

awesome! I started a goal for myself back in January to get into shape as well - so far, so good - glad to have another gal to keep me accountable!

I'm a runner at heart, thankful I can start doing that in warmer weather.

My new favorite class at our health club is ZUMBA! Ever tried that?? ')

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

Girl- that bikini is smokin'! I am just trying to get rid of the skirt. You go!

It has helped tremendously for me to report back every Tuesday. I look forward to your updates. We can encourage each other!

Danielle said...

Way to get back to it.

I have been working out for a couple weeks now. Hoping I can stay on track this time.